Tips for looking after your designer bag

If you have splashed some cash on your beloved designer handbag the last thing you want is for it to be in bad repair. Designer handbags are lovingly hand crafted in most cases and created to last with high quality materials. Here are our top tips to keep them looking new and fab.

Maintenance ~ Get your bag serviced at a licensed luxury bag spa such as Evans, Royal Bag spa, Brisbane bag spa, Bagsamore.

Repairs ~ A lot of bag spas also fix rips, tears, remove stains, discolorations, general upkeep and restorations. A lot of brands have preferred bag spas. Eg. Louboutin prefer Evans in Melbourne, Australia. Ensure you use a business that is familiar with luxury items. Cheaper is not always better.

Home Care ~ Take out all contents, tip your bag upside down and gently wipe out the dust every couple of months and wipe over the exterior. Remove stains ASAP don't leave them as the longer they are there the harder they are to remove. Leather wipes can be purchased from most supermarkets and furniture stores check with the retailer which brand they recommend. Some brands like Coach and Kate Spade sell leather cleaner for as little as $25

Avoid putting water bottles/ perfume/ makeup directly onto lining as this can stain. If you do get some water/ substance in your bag blot the fluid. For ink stains use an eraser.

Storage ~ Store upright, avoid direct sunlight and keep in a dry area. Use the dust bags that are provided. If you don't have a shape holder use soft pillows or material to stuff. Make sure that the handles aren't crimped or bent that will cause damage.

 Organizers/ Shape holders are amazing for holding shape and protecting the interior lining of your bag. This is more for handbags rather than travel size bags.

neverfull-gm-mm-pm-bag-organizer louis vuitton

Hardware ~ Avoid abrasive surfaces. Give the hardware a wipe over and regular shine with brasso or a metal shine.

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