Our Top 10 Shopping Destinations

Have you ever planned a holiday based around where you can shop?

We certainly have.

Here are our top 10 favorite shopping destinations and why. Each location has different shopping perks.

Some of these shopping destinations are cheap, some extremely expensive, some funky and some just an exciting cultural experience in itself. These are not necessarily listed in order of preference.

Pop in the comments your favourite shopping destination.

New York, USA: 5th Avenue a shoppers designer dream. The Tiffany diamond is located at the New York Tiffanys' and is well worth stopping in for a look. Also recommended is 34th street. If you are a Victoria secret fan there is a huge shop in NYC. 

New Orleans, USA: The antiques, the art, (the beignets & pralines). The french quarter has numerous market areas that hold beautiful art and trinkets and old worldly pieces from another time. Why not shop somewhere with music on every street corner to fill your soul while you fill a bag. The premium outlet on the boardwalk is a stop I must make every time I go to New Orleans. Fantastic sales. 

For those looking for more high end styles Canal Street Boasts a large variety of designers from Prada to Gucci. 

Rome, Italy: Right next to the Trevi fountain and the Spanish steps is a large area that is very walk-able that holds hundreds of stores. From Burberry and Moschino to a Lego store and a Ferrari store. A shoppers dream while walking to see beautiful icons. And of course there is wine and champagne available for when you need a break on every corner. 

London, England: Covent garden will always be a favourite, from the street performers and pubs to small cafes, Covent garden can be an entire day of shopping and snacking with a coffee or cocktail to boot. The market holds unique gifts including a tea shop and a lolly shop. 

Los Angeles, USA: The west coast is such a fun place to stop from the farmers market and all the fun shopping there to Santa Monica esplanade you will find everything you are looking for. Venice beach is just down the road if you are looking to see some of the colourful locals. 

Monte Carlo, Monaco: All your designer dreams in one place. All walking distance. This area is not cheap by any stretch of the imagination but it is an incredibly picturesque place to shop. From Ellie Saab to Chanel to Longchamp all your favourite brands are there. 

Paris, France: Because Paris. My favourite way to start the day in Paris was by getting a coffee and croissant, walking by the Eiffel tower to the markets. We went to the Christmas markets and bought the most beautiful Christmas decorations and outfits. 

Phuket, Thailand: The markets are just wonderful and there is usually always some incredible street food to nibble on while you shop. We purchased some beautiful scarves and soaps. 

Melbourne, Australia: DFO need I say more. So many amazing deals here from some staple shops. PJ's from Peter Alexander, Active wear from Lorna Jane, Bags from Coach. Polo's from Ralph Lauren. And of course the amazing boutiques through the city. 

Cairo, Egypt: We loved shopping here for the beautiful perfume oils. They have the most beautiful scents that are used as bases in most perfumes. The are alcohol and paraben free. The bazaars are a destination in themselves boasting silks and trinkets. We picked up a genie lamp there too 😜




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