In the beginning...

I first fell in love with fashion watching Sex and the City. The Fashion was to die for but it  was more than that. It was the attitude the girls wore them with and way they held themselves. They used their own fashion style to show who they were. They portrayed a seemingly endless supply of money and fashion and the luxurious life of NYC. 

Up until now, I have worked in industries where my creativity was stifled due to rules, regulations and dress codes. In each of these workplaces included incredibly strict guidelines, not even a hair accessory was allowed. Sorry SJP, but I am a huge fan of the scrunchies comeback.

I craved real fashion and after a recent trip to Rome and being immersed in the culture and lifestyle I couldn’t come back to rural Australia without an outlet for my obsession. So I decided to create one. A place I could share my passion for fashion and the lavish lifestyle. The Champagne lifestyle. Now to become the Champagne Culture.

Holding fashion shoots and creating campaigns and collections is a dream come true and I can't wait to share it with all of you #champagnebabes

xxx L

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