We have tried these fake tans so you don't have to

Coming into winter in Australia the summer bronze glow can be dimmed. There is no reason why winter has to equal pale. 

We have tried these fake tans so you don't have to.

Bondi Sands

*Animal Cruelty Free

*Aussie Brand

*$19.99 available at coles/ woolies, most chemists

*Has a green base so you won't go orange, 3 different depths of darkness.

*Different application types (mousse, lotion, oil, aero)

*Smell - Coconut

Review: Not drying and an even easy to apply tan. I found it developed each day up until day 5 when I was the darkest and came off without being patchy. Lasted about 7-8 days. Was nice and cheap and the applicator was good. This one feels quite tacky until the top coat is rinsed off.


*A luxury Australian beauty brand

*100% cruelty free

*Different applications - (custard, drops, mousse)

*Natural ingredients

*Available online and in boutiques (Natasha Jane Studios - for Townsville gals) 

*Starts at $29.95

Review: Great on the nose! No nasty smell, and the colour doesn't run. Long wear and sweat resistant. We liked that there was the option for drops to have a daily option. More expensive than a supermarket brand but it is marketed as a lux brand so its very reasonable.

Face Tan Water - Eco Tan

*Certified Organic by the Organic Food Chain Australia

*Accredited Toxic Free by Safe Cosmetics Australia


*Vegetarian sunscreen

*Accredited by Choose Cruelty Free 

*$34.95 for the face tan water

Review: I love this product. I love the brands message of clean and natural cruelty free skin care. The product itself I used an applicator because it did stain my fingers a little which surprised me because its quite subtle. Its a beautiful tan that builds over a couple of days. I fond it to be great on my sensitive skin and have had no breakouts. A little bit more expensive but worth it for me due to the measures they take to be eco-friendly. I used it before bed and let it dry for 15 minutes and it didn't transfer onto my pillow.

Coco & Eve

*Vegan and cruelty free

*$44.90 Sunny Honey Bali Bronzing foam

*Available online

*From Bali

Review: Quite expensive compared to other similar brands. Not Australian made. You must moisturize and prep skin well for this tanning foam. It was quite nice but I am not sure I would pay that again.

Bali Body

*Vegan and cruelty free

*Natural ingredients

*Available online



*Made in Australia

Review: Free shipping and afterpay available. Non transfer onto sheets and clothing. Easy to apply and streak free, natural colour. Mild smell. Not terrible. Build-able colour.

St Tropez

*Build-able colour

*Vegan and cruelty free

*A long standing favorite

*Available in Priceline and online



Natural colour and build-able. Lasted about a week and wore off nicely without being patchy. I found it to be similar quality to Bondi Sands but a little more pricey. Quite hydrating. 


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